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Develop the application

Develop the application

by Saisiby Saisiby -
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My service company still records clients by phone and fills out a paper journal. This is an outdated work system, where it is easy to mix up dates, problematic to track regular customers and analyze the efficiency of work. Is it possible to develop an application to optimize the work of administrators?

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Re: Develop the application

by Udowolst Udowolst -
The online appointment service is a tool to optimize the work of administrators. It simplifies the process of interaction between the company and its clients. Consumers can sign up for a service at any time of the day or night, even from their phones, without queues and nerves. The number of mobile users is constantly growing. Not having a mobile app means losing a significant portion of potential customers. A client who decides to hire an Android application programmer not only gets technically proficient specialists, but also a complete immersion in the project and its features. When choosing a program, it is important to consider the features and objectives of your company. For example, a highly specialized mobile application with chat and presentation of doctors is suitable for medical institutions. And a beauty salon should pay attention to a service that allows the scheduling of shifts.