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    Coaching Programme for the UN Volunteers

    Thank you for your interest in the coaching programme. Unfortunately, the available coaching sessions under the current contract are fully booked. We are working on procuring additional coaching sessions to cater for the demand, however, this might take a little while. Please look-out for our announcement via email and on e-Campus, or contact us again in end-April. Thanking you for patience and understanding. 

    Coaching may become a pivotal moment in your career, and be very instrumental to help you to move to a higher and more interesting professional level.

    Here are few highlights that you should know about coaching:

    • It may help you identify your options and build a strategy if you would like to pursue your career with the UN. The coach will help you to develop a plan and sustain your effort towards its implementation
    • Sometimes the relationship with the supervisor or peers may be a challenge, and you may face this kind of problem repetitively even though you try your best to resolve it. Coaching session could be a good opportunity to share on your challenges and obtain a clear idea on what is happening and how to overcome the situation
    • Very often we are busy, but not necessarily productive and focused. Through analyzing your work habits together with you, professional coach can help to increase your clarity, focus and effectiveness
    • At some moments you have great ideas, however a negative self-talk and reasoning why failure will happen, may stop you from even trying. Good coach can help you to picture success and build your own confidence

    The professional coaching is always confidential.  All the facts, ideas and thoughts that you might share with the coach will be kept very discreetly and cautiously.

    Ready to start your first or next coaching session?

    Just write an email to one of the following email addresses:

    • your Field Unit Team; 
    • the Regional Office Team;
    • UNV learning support.

    We wish you a happy coaching!

    And as usual, the Capacity Development Team is at your disposal in case you have any questions or concerns.