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    Dear Colleagues,

    We are proud to announce the online language learning opportunities for the UN Volunteers that have been started this year.

    As we communicated earlier, the new approach will be implemented starting this year wherein UN Volunteers will be able to select among three service providers depending on your selected language.


    To obtain access, volunteers need to complete a registration form online.

    For information please contact UNV learning support:
    unvlearning.support [at] unv.org

    • Tema 2

      From basic A1 to Proficient C1

      UNV and the innovative Speexx language learning solutions offer you a quick and effective way to improve your business communication skills.

      This programme is a flexible, self-paced training solution that lets you practice your listening and reading comprehension, as well as grammar, vocab and pronunciation at your own pace.

      Learn anytime, anywhere and on any device – on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

      You may wish to have a look at the attached ‘User Journey’ presentation that will guide you through your first steps on the learning platform and enable you to start your self-paced online training.

      Download the course flyer here!

      From basic A1 to Intermediate B2

      The innovative learning platform in modern standard Arabic for a range of social and business settings. It allows learners to study with Western script, with Arabic script, or with both.

      The course offers a motivating learning experience to traditional and non-traditional language learners.The platform approach challenges the perception that Arabic is difficult to learn and leads to learning success and learner motivation.

      The courses are user-friendly and clearly organized. You may wish to watch   to have a clue about the course structure.

      You will get a complete flexibility as the course is available online at any time.

      Download the course flyer here!


      From basic A1 to B2 level

      Rosetta Stone will continue provide the service for learning Russian, Chinese plus twenty non-UN official languages.

      This learning platform creates an intuitive and engaging environment building the four key skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening) in a highly interactive approach.

      The redesigned learning environment helps the student to get started faster, and keep track of the progress achieved. 

      Download the course flyer here!