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  • Welcome to the e-learning modules on Unified Conditions of Service for UN Volunteers!
    This page is exclusively for UN agencies personnel hosting UN Volunteers and aspiring UN Volunteers. Serving UN Volunteers and UNV staff, please visit eCampus to complete this course .  

    Browse through this self-paced course of 5 online modules to learn everything you need to know about the policies that govern the UN Volunteer assignments with the United Nations. .  These modules explain the policies, terms and conditions contained in the Unified Conditions of Service for UN Volunteers. Clear and concise, these step-by-step lessons make understanding a breeze. Check it out!

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    Explore module lessons by clicking through the tabs. And scroll down to the module tiles thumbnails to start learning.

    Learn the basics of volunteering with UNV by completing the following 5 topics:

    • What are the different categories of UN Volunteers?

    • How to apply for a UN Volunteer assignment?

    • Guidelines for UN Volunteers

    • Overview of the UNV Code of Conduct for UN Volunteers

    • Your journey as a UN Volunteer

    Learn about UNV’s comprehensive package of benefits and allowances to support you throughout your assignment:

    • Benefits and Allowances to get you started

    • Benefits and Allowances during your assignment

    • Your learning and training opportunities

    • Benefits and Allowances at the end-of-assignment, and

    • Our entitlement calculator and infographics for your easy reference

    You will find answers to your questions on the following topics in this module:

    • The UNV recruitment process

    • Your UNV recognized dependents and their travel (if eligible)

    • Rules and regulations for your official travel during the assignment, and

    • How to address these work-related situations during your assignment:

      • Role and responsibilities of UNV and your host entity
      • Home visit (on international assignment)
      • Mission travel during assignment
      • Deduction of your allowance
      • Medical and security evacuation
      • Managing your leave and attendance
      • Changing your role and responsibilities
      • Filling periodic and mandatory reports

    After completing this module you will become aware of:

    • What is misconduct?

    • Your obligations and rights in preventing it from happening

    • Your role in preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Sexual Harassment and other prohibited conduct

    • Systems to report misconduct and seek protection against retaliation

    • UNV’s disciplinary process, and

    • Your right to appeal and ask for a review of decision

    Enhance your understanding of these 5 topics by completing this module:

    • Extension of your contract

    • Ending your UN Volunteer assignment

    • Situations when UNV decides to shorten your contract

    • Receiving your final allowances, and

    • Your responsibilities at the end of assignment

    This course is meant for informational purposes only. Materials contained in these modules do not constitute official advice or permission as conditions and processes may vary, or change based on specific context. Follow guidance from UNV before taking any action.   

    The five interactive modules on Conditions of Service are composed of small bite-sized learning objects on key topics, including step-by-step information, infographics, explainer videos, and key takeaways. All put together in simple and easy terms in modules with in-built search functionality. So, you can easily understand policies, terms and conditions concerning your assignment, and also find them with a few clicks when you need to refresh your memory.

    This external page is set up exclusively for personnel of UN agencies hosting UN Volunteers. Complete it at your pace and time.

    This course is currently available in English. It is being translated into other UN languages – to be made available in Q4 2021.

    See below approximate time to complete these self-paced modules. For technical reasons, we recommend that you set time aside and complete individual modules at one go. This allows the system to accurately register course completion for final certification.

    • Becoming a UN Volunteer: 30 mins
    • Your Benefits and Allowances: 40 mins
    • Serving as a UN Volunteer: 60 mins
    • Know Your Obligations and Rights: 60 mins
    • Managing your transitions: 40 mins

    Please take note of these technical tips before you start:

    1. Mozilla Firefox and Chrome web browsers are most compatible to take this e-course.
    2. The course will only open in a new window. Ensure that pop-up (new window) is activated in your web browser settings. See instructions on how to activate pop-ups in Chrome.
  • Becoming a UN Volunteer

  • Your Benefits and Allowances

  • Serving as a UN Volunteer

  • Know your Obligations and Rights

  • Managing your Transition