Complete these mandatory courses as they deal with your immediate safety and that of your family, colleagues and other stakeholders.  Learn how to safeguard the reputation of the United Nations organizations, and become aware of the rules, rights and obligations of UN personnel including UN Volunteers. These courses will set you off on a good path.

Completion of the mandatory courses is a prerequisite to the commencement of service. 

  • As a UN Volunteer, you are required to complete these courses prior to the start of your volunteer assignment.  
  • See infographic guide on completing the mandatory courses.

  • As a candidate, you are strongly encouraged to complete these courses upon registration on UVP.  
  • Save certificate of completion for your record and spot check.
  • And update completion information to your UVP profile under "Qualifications >> Other Qualifications".   

BSAFE is the new online security awareness training. It is mandatory for ALL UN personnel: staff, interns, consultants. It is highly recommended for dependants.

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of the Local Population (PSEA) PREVENTION OF SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND ABUSE OF THE LOCAL POPULATION (PSEA)

The Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) e-learning course is mandatory for all UN personnel including UN volunteers. Complete it before you start your assignment to:

  • raise your awareness about Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA), 
  • become familiar with various measures to combat SEA, 
  • understand what the impact of SEA on victims is, and, 
  • the consequences for UN Personnel who commit SEA.
Know the rules, there's no excuse!

This mandatory course, United to Respect: Preventing sexual harassment and other prohibited conduct for all personnel, aims to ensure that all UN personnel including UN Volunteers:

  • Understand and abide by the policy on harassment, sexual harassment, and abuse of authority, 
  • Enable a harmonious working environment free from intimidation, hostility, offence and any form of harassment and retaliation. 
  • Also understand the problem of harassment and abuse of authority and their consequences in the workplace, and, 
  • Become aware of the procedures for responding to workplace harassment and abuse of authority.
UNBFAC UN Buddy First Aid Course (UNBFAC)

The UN Buddy First Aid Course (UNBFAC) aims to reduce incidents of preventable in-service death and disability of United Nations personnel. It ensures that you possess the knowledge, skills and capability to provide life-saving interventions to sick or injured colleagues, or others, during the initial critical period until more highly trained care provider arrive. This course is mandatory for UN Volunteers deployed in Ukraine.