Own your career transition! UNV webinar series

The UNV Capacity Development Team has developed a self-paced learning package, that will guide UN Volunteers globally through the process of career transition and will equip them with tools to manage their career development confidently.

Online learning series - Career transition and management with UNHCR

The UNV Capacity Development Team, in collaboration with the UNHCR Career Management Section, have joined forces to deliver a series of online learning events focusing on career management and transition for all UN Volunteers globally.


Coaching may become a pivotal moment in your career, and be very instrumental to help you to move to a higher and more interesting professional level.

!!! Thank you for your interest in the coaching programme. Unfortunately, the available coaching sessions under the current contract are fully booked. We are working on procuring additional coaching sessions to cater for the demand, however, this might take a little while. Please look-out for our announcement via email and on e-Campus, or contact us again in end-April. Thanking you for patience and understanding !!!

Community of Practices on Career Transition

Do you want to share your experiences with your peers? Do you want to seek for informations towards career transition? Here is the right place to get in contact with other Volunteers that are learning how to scale up skills and tackle the job market!

360 Degree Feedback at UNICEF

360° feedback is a professional exercise and a great tool to help us increase awareness to maximize our performance both individually and as an organization, which will have a positive impact on our mission. This course helps you experience both giving and receiving feedback in a 360° feedback exercise at UNICEF.

Competency Based Interviewing for Interviewees

This rapid e-course will guide you through the steps you should take to best portray your experiences and skills to your potential employer.

Preparing a Written Application

The course will first teach you to analyse a job vacancy and know whether you should apply for it. Then, it will move on a very important aspect of your application: creating your e-recruitment profile, which included describing your duties and achievements to show that you’re a qualified and unique candidate. Lastly, this course will teach you to translate those duties and achievements into an effective cover letter.

Preparing for a Transition to Retirement

UNICEF has created this e-learning module to help you think about some important questions relating to a transition out of the organization, and to give you some ideas to approach this transition in a proactive and thoughtful manner.

Career Transition Management - Mind Tools

This learning activity, in partnership with Mind Tools, will provide you with the right knowledge and effective tools to help you leverage the competences and skills acquired during the UNV assignment and support your career progression.

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