United Nations Peacekeeping Operations:
An Introduction

The target aundience for this course is: all personnel of UN peacekeeping missions including international and national civilian staff, United Nations Volunteers, Military and UN Police.

APT - Youth Volunteer

This course aims to enhance your awareness about the behavioural standards that you need to demonstrate as a UN volunteer everyday. The goal of this training is to reinforce ethical principles and standards of behaviour for all UN volunteers.

United Nations Course on prevention of Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Authority

This online training programme on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse is mandatory for all UN personnel, including UN Volunteers. Developed in collaboration with the United Nations Development Group, this mandatory learning programme is designed to raise awareness of the Organization’s zero tolerance of workplace harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority and is intended to strengthen understanding of the standards of conduct, with a special focus on sexual exploitation and abuse. 

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel Funds and Programmes Edition

The Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) e-learning course is mandatory for all UN Funds and Programmes Personnel including volunteers and contractors, whether at Headquarters or at other duty stations. This e-learning course is composed of a set of lessons designed to raise your awareness about Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, become familiar with a range of measures to combat Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, understand what the impact of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse on victims is and the consequences for UN Personnel who commit Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

Cours en ligne – programme VNU et volontariat

Vous venez juste d’être sélectionné pour votre première mission VNU? Intéressé pour devenir un Volontaire ONU? Ou alors vous êtes simplement curieux de savoir ce que sont le volontariat et le VNU? Dans ce cours vous apprendrez d’abord à comprendre tous les aspects du mot « volontariat », comment vous pouvez contribuer à la création d’un monde meilleur et le type d’impacts que vous pouvez avoir en tant que volontaire.

Cours en ligne – Éthique et intégrité en tant que Volontaire ONU

Ce cours cherche à améliorer votre connaissance des principes comportementaux que vous devez démontrer au quotidien en tant que Volontaire ONU. Le but de cette préparation est de renforcer les principes éthiques et les standards de comportement de tous les Volontaires ONU.

Cours en ligne – Conscience culturelle et travailler dans des environnements multiculturels

Ce cours cherche à accroitre l’ouverture culturelle des Volontaires ONU, tels que vous, afin d’aider à construire une compréhension de différentes cultures. Il fournit aussi une vue d’ensemble des dynamiques de travail dans des environnements multiculturels.


BSAFE is the new online security awareness training.

It is mandatory for ALL UN personnel: staff, interns, consultants.

It is highly recommended for dependants.

Greening the Blue

Becoming more sustainable is the challenge facing all organizations, businesses and individuals around the world. Greening the Blue is the UN's response, and provides information on how the UN is greening its activities, what's been achieved so far, and how all UN personnel can contribute to the effort. We can all be part of creating a more sustainable UN, simply by making small changes in our day-to-day work. Find out more about ‘Greening the Blue’ in this online course.

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