UNV Community of Practice for Field Units

The Strategic Framework 2014-2017 (SF) emphasizes knowledge generation, sharing and learning to promote and enhance the quality and impact of the volunteering experience.

UNV wants to create a space for Field Units to use to share good and innovative practices, discuss UNV’s added value, opportunities and challenges; and ultimately contribute to organizational learning.

UNV Youth Volunteer

The overall aim of UNV Youth Volunteer's online community of practice (CoP) is to have a common space where we can boost our knowledge sharing, promote problem-solving, and tap into each other’s expertise while creating an interactive network of youth Volunteers.

UNV Community of Practice

As identified in the Volunteer Learning strategy, UNV wants to create a space to support UN Volunteers into bringing the value of volunteerism forward into their assignments and contribute to organizational learning with a view to: documenting the value of volunteerism, by replicating good and innovative practices to benefit other UN Volunteers; and/or contributing to UNV priorities.

The main objective is to showcase the many ways in which volunteerism and volunteer engagement/participation can strengthen peace and development projects.

Gender Responsive Peacebuilding 

We are happy to announce the launch of an online community of practice on Gender & Peacebuilding with the view to build an interactive network of UN Volunteers working on gender-responsive peacebuilding programmes. 

The overall aim of this online Community of Practice (CoP) is to have a common space where we can boost our knowledge sharing, promote problem-solving, and tap into each other’s expertise.

Community of Practices on Career Transition

Do you want to share your experiences with your peers? Do you want to seek for informations towards career transition? Here is the right place to get in contact with other Volunteers that are learning how to scale up skills and tackle the job market!

Inclusion Forum

Join here the conversation on Volunteerism and Inclusion. 

 Forum - UNV and Volunteerism 
Forum - Ethics and Integrity as UN Volunteer
 Forum - Hosting a Volunteer


Forum - Cultural awareness and working
in cross-cultural environments
 Leadership & Management Development and Impactful Communications for the SDGs
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