Writing effective CV and application, and mastering UN Competency based interviews

Available to all registered users. Use these online resources to build your application and CV, and to prepare for your UNV interviews. There are no certificates for these courses. Please contact the external learning platform for IT and helpdesk support, as and if needed. 

Effective application and CV writing - These courses will help you to analyze a vacancy announcement and know whether you should apply for it. They also focus on the very important aspect of your application: creating your e-recruitment profile/CV, including your duties and achievements to present yourself as a qualified and unique candidate. Lastly, this course will teach you to translate your experience into an effective cover letter. Competency Based Interview - The UN uses competency based interview process to draw out your skills, knowledge, abilities, and actual experience in handling a variety of situations. Watch these e-courses to learn what steps to  take to best portray your experiences and skills during the interview. Note that the course requires the latest version of Adobe flash. Interview skills - These resources guide you on how to articulate you experience and skills to best position yourself during an interview.
Interview with Michael Emery on how to approach competency-based interviews - Michael Emery, Director, Division for Human Resources Management at IOM - UN Migration - talks about competency-based interviews and how you should approach them. Interview with Michael Emery on working in the International System - Michael Emery, Director, Division for Human Resources Management at IOM - UN Migration -talks about his career at the United Nations and what's it's like to work in the International System. General advice on interviews - Capella University: The Capella University's Career Center provides tips on answering the commonly asked behavior or competency based interview question. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sKhOETBSlE; Interview tips by Brian Krueger: Short one minute videos on job search ranging from careers to resumes to interviewing to offers. They provide useful general advice on interviews. Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDDC69AA1181CE46E; Interview tips by Denham Resources: The playlists featuring GOOD answers, BAD answers, and UGLY answers. Link:https://www.youtube.com/user/DenhamResources/playlists


As a UN Volunteer , you must complete the mandatory courses before you start your assignment. And complete the essential courses within 1-3 months of starting your assignment. All UNV candidates are strongly encouraged to complete these courses within 1-3 months of registering on UVP. Non-compliance may lead to exclusion from future learning opportunities. Click on the tiles below to complete these courses.

For helpdesk support, contact us via the eCampus contact form. Always include your official UN email address (if you have one) and UVP User ID while describing your query in detail.

Mandatory Courses Essential Courses


Below are linked resources to help you learn more about the mission and mandate of the UNV programme, along with its history and value in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to also read the latest “volunteer voices” from the field and news about UNV’s activities and partners - go often to unv.org and follow our Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts @UNVolunteers.

UN Volunteer Onboarding portal - The volunteer onboarding portal guides you through the recruitment process and onboarding phases by providing instructions to complete certain actions that will set you off to a good start. It is also a central reference point to be informed of policies and processes, accomplish key activities, find solutions and advance your learning during your UNV assignment. Introduction to UNV’ s mission, mandate, and values Learn about the history of UNV
Promoting Volunteers for the SDGs Understand and communicate about the UNV programme - the Brand Book Facebook
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Recommended Courses

Here are some external courses on UN system-wide initiatives. You may have to register on the external platforms to access available free/open e-Courses. UNV is unable to provide helpdesk support on access and certificates. Please contact the external learning platform for IT and helpdesk support, as and if needed.

Disability Inclusion: Building an Inclusive and Accessible United Nations. This course has been developed through inter-agency collaboration between UNDP and the UN Secretariat, in close consultation with the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy (UNDIS) Network. SDG Primer: This e-course aims to establish a common base of understanding and approach for the UN system in supporting the 2030 Agenda. It is primarily meant to inform, in broad terms, the programmes and actions of all UN entities, including their engagement with government and civil society partners. United Nations Course on Volunteerism and Gender Equality: This module on volunteerism and gender will help you familiarize yourself with the importance of gender as a crosscutting issue in volunteerism, in the context of the development agenda 2030, in particular SDG5 on gender equality.
Explore the meaning of gender equality, why it is important to the success of UNDP, and what you can do to play an active role. It is part of an organization-wide initiative by UNDP to translate our commitment to gender equality into real change on the ground. Managing Conflict Effectively in the UN Workplace is an online course about workplace conflict and the common sources of conflict. You will learn about the three elements that have a large impact on the dynamics of workplace conflict and additionally you will learn about the values of the United Nations in resolving workplace conflict and the cost of ineffective conflict management.
This online course has 4 parts. This online course has been designed to provide a basic understanding of gender equality and how to integrate a gender perspective into human rights work.
The OHCHR electronic course on the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people is an introductory course designed for UN staff, State officials, civil society organizations, national human rights institutions and other stakeholders. It will equip learners with information on key terms and concepts related to LGBTI people, harmful myths and stereotypes, human rights violations faced by LGBTI people, the role of the UN and steps that UN officials and others can take to tackle violence and discrimination against LGBTI people. ITCILO teamed up with Cornell University to create a course on disability in the workplace. In this interactive video-based course, employers, experts and persons with disabilities themselves share their latest insights, knowledge and experiences to enable you to identify the competitive advantage of including people with disabilities in your workforce, to create a business case, and to plan, implement and audit your disability inclusion strategy.
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