Expand your global opportunities by learning a new language!
The award-winning language solution is free for eligible serving UN Volunteers.

Rosetta Stone for UN Volunteers

Rosetta Stone is one of the market leaders in online language learning courses, combining speaking, reading, writing, and listening for an intuitive and engaging learning environment. It offers a choice of 24 different languages, including all official UN languages, with the option of live-tutoring by native speakers! See fact sheet for more information.

By registering for Rosetta Stone, you commit to actively participating in course activities and completing assessments on time.

Accessing Rosetta Stone

Only eligible serving UN Volunteers may apply for access.
Ensure that you have completed the mandatory UN and core UNV courses and uploaded certificates / information to your profile on Unified Volunteering Platform.
Please decide on your language of preference carefully - only 1 change is permitted during the entire course.
To sign up, complete the Rosetta Stone registration survey.
You will be enrolled and will receive an email invitation with your login credentials directly from Rosetta Stone.
New registrations are processed on every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month; so you may have to wait for your confirmation email. Please be patient.

Getting Started

Upon enrollment, you can start learning on a web browser or via the app. Have a look at the article How to Log In to Catalyst, and get acquainted with the program by exploring on your own. If you have some knowledge of a language, you may complete review activities and milestones to start at the right place: How to Change Levels in Catalyst.

The joy of learning a language - Just do it!

Learning a language is a very rewarding experience which requires consistency and time. Read about UN Volunteer Mary-Sanyu Osire’s experience with Rosetta Stone.

Conditions of use: language & monthly learning requirements

  • Assess your needs carefully and commit to learning a specific language - only 1 change of language is permitted during the entire course.
  • We expect you to dedicate a minimum of 4 hours per month to the program, which is just 15 minutes every other day.
  • Non-compliance will result in immediate deactivation and your license given to another volunteer without warning.

Tracking Usage

Please see guide on how your time is tracked in Catalyst and practical tips to ensure you are hitting your monthly usage goals of 4 hours per month. Time spent in the Rosetta Stone Language Training application is counted towards your program usage report. Usage is only tracked while you are actively engaged in a learning activity. A certificate of achievement will be issued upon successful completion of a language level.

Help desk Support

Please contact Rosetta Stone Support at instsupport@rosettastone.com with technical or programme-related issues.

Last modified: Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 2:12 PM