LinkedIn Learning for UN Volunteers

LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning
Learn in-demand business, creative & tech skills with online video tutorials. Start today and advance your career.

LinkedIn Learning for UN Volunteers

LinkedIn Learning (formerly provides access to over 11,000 courses taught by experts to build your professional and personal skills. LinkedIn offers a wide variety of courses, which can be easily integrated with your profile to showcase your knowledge. As a volunteer, you have access to these courses for free!

By registering for LinkedIn Learning, you commit to actively engaging in learning as well as completing online courses on time.

Thousands of learning opportunities

Using the Skills You’re Interested In feature, you can search for courses such as management, business, software, career development, and many more. Most courses offer Certificates of Completion to document your progress and interests for employers, clients, or yourself.

Accessing LinkedIn Learning

Only eligible serving UN Volunteers may apply for access.
Ensure that you have completed the mandatory UN and core UNV courses and uploaded certificate of completion to your profile on Unified Volunteering Platform.
To request access, go to your profile "Assignment Details" on Unified Volunteering Platform.
Select “Request LinkedIn Learning” under "Tasks" in the left panel and click on “Complete”.
You will be enrolled and receive an email notification directly from LinkedIn Learning. To activate your account, click the “Activate LinkedIn Learning” button.
In case there is no license available, you will be assigned the next free license automatically – please be patient.

Sync your current account (optional)

  • Chose the “Connect my LinkedIn account” option to connect this new LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn profile.
  • This will allow you to access both accounts with a single login credential.
  • You will also keep your course history and certificates on your profile beyond your UNV contract end date.

Bite-sized learning from anywhere

We encourage you to dedicate 10 minutes a day to “microlearning” through one of the short tutorial videos, either on a browser or with one of the mobile apps.

LinkedIn Learning Paths

Many Learning Paths are available, which provide a group of courses in a particular topic. We have created our own UNV specific learning paths for our volunteers, which you can see by using the “Learning Paths” filter in your search.

Help desk Support

LinkedIn Learning provides several support options for learners.

Last modified: Thursday, 4 November 2021, 4:32 AM