UNITAR for UN Volunteers

Transform your mindset through innovative online courses with UNITAR on conflict, peace, and security for a more sustainable world.

UNITAR courses for UN Volunteers

UN Volunteers can access self-paced, innovative courses on the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) webpage. These courses provide more in-depth insights and advanced knowledge to develop key competencies in conflict, peace, and security.

By registering for UNITAR, you commit to actively participating in course activities as well as completing online assessments on time.

Learning Opportunities

  • A variety of courses are available for our volunteers, ranging from conflict prevention to child soldiers to civilian protection capacities.
  • The 12 listed e-course are only available free of cost to UN Volunteers, UNV does not cover any other courses.
  • Courses are ongoing; you may register for only one course at a time and learn at your own pace.
  • Upon successful completion of the first course, you may register for a second one.
  • Update information through "My Profile" at VMAM on course completed under "Other Qualifications, short courses and trainings" and keep certificate for your record.

Accessing UNITAR

Only eligible serving UN Volunteers may apply for access.
Ensure that you have completed the mandatory UN and core UNV courses and uploaded certificates / information to your profile on Unified Volunteering Platform.
To sign up, complete the UNITAR registration survey.
You will be enrolled and will receive an email invitation with your login credentials directly from UNITAR.
New registrations are processed on the 1st and 15th of every month, so it may be a few days before you receive your invitation.

Courses customized to the United Nations context

UNITAR courses are designed with UN expertise, focusing on cutting edge issues and current practices. They align with the Lifelong Learning approach and stress the workplace as the main learning environment.

Help desk Support

Contact the UNITAR, Division for Peace, at ptp@unitar.org for technical or programme-related issues.

Learning webinar for UN Volunteers

Join the series of learning webinars hosted in partnership with UNITAR. These are organized around specific learning objectives which are relevant for volunteers. Through an interactive approach, these aim to facilitate transfer of knowledge and skills by drawing on good practices and experience sharing with experts and volunteers. Watch below the past sessions:

How to acquire transferable knowledge and skills needed for UN Volunteers’ work in peace and security?

Women's leadership in pandemic/humanitarian crisis preparedness and response

Working for peace and development in turbulent times: Which skill sets will help you make a difference?

Gender and Sustainable Peace and Development - UNITAR x UNV Open Online Summit Series

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