More Resources on Career Transition

Register on Humanitarian Leadership Academy's learning platform to access the below mentioned courses on managing your career development and transition. Watch motivating videos, engage in meaningful activities, and learn ideas and techniques to fuel your advancement.

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Career Transitions: This rapid e-course from UNICEF is specifically designed to help you manage the career transition process and explore the broader job market. 
Career PlanningThis course from Accenture will help you to decide and manage your career's direction, and to create a road map to achieve your goals.
Professional Online Profile (LinkedIn)This course from Accenture will help you to develop and maintain a LinkedIn profile, and provide tips on how to use the site effectively for professional networking.
Expand your NetworkThis course from Accenture will help you to understand the benefits of networking, and to build and expand your professional network.
Using Social Media ProfessionallyThis course from Accenture will help you to use social media professionally to make connections, expand your network and to advance your career.
Managing your own continuing professional development: This online course from Learningpool will provide you with a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques to take personal responsibility for managing your own continuing professional development. 
Humanitarian Operations Programme (HOP) FUNDAMENTALSThis course is aimed at people beginning their career in the humanitarian sector or for those transitioning from the development sector. It is also aimed at individuals who have never received formal training on the essentials of humanitarian action, or for those wishing to ‘refresh’ their knowledge. 

Register on Cornerstone Foundation learning platform - DisasterReady - to access the high-quality, relevant online learning resources to support your career development. Many courses are available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

For additional information and help desk support on courses, please contact the platform support services directly. 

Recorded Webinar: Advancing your Humanitarian Career in an Age of Professionalization: Dr. Alexander van Tulleken, Academic Director of Fordham University's Institute for International Humanitarian Affairs, discusses how humanitarians can best advance their careers in an increasingly complex and demanding sector.
Why You Do What You Do - LinkedIn for Nonprofiteers: Watch this recorded webinar to better leverage on LinkedIn to support your career objectives.
Susan Colantuono: The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get: This short video, while aimed at an audience of women, has universal takeaways all on finding ways to move ahead. 
Key Management Skills: Complete the learning path to learn key management skills such as emotional intelligence, coaching, motivating others, change management, and more.
Core Humanitarian Certification: Complete the online courses and take the tests to achieve a certification to support your professional development. 
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