Being a successful candidate entails more than having a CV listing years of experience and a long list of achievements. To stand head and shoulders above the competition, you also need to have in-depth knowledge of the interviewing process. After all, strong interviewing skills come before you have a chance to get to work.

Here are some additional resources to enhance your interviewing skills:

Interviewing Skills

Register on Humanitarian Leadership Academy to take this 30 minutes e-learning course looks at preparing for interview, answering questions at interview, and actions to take after interview. 

InterviewReady Essentials 

Register on DisasterReady to access this playlist tutorials covering topics ranging from recruiting, to the art of sending a great email, to interviewing techniques to help you best position yourself to enter or re-enter the workforce.

At the same time, understand and address your Unconscious Bias in order to facilitate Diversity and Inclusion at your workplace.

How to Succeed at: Writing Application & Interviews

These courses from University of Sheffield offers practical tips and advice on analysing your skills and vacancy announcements to prepare applications and dealing with different aspects of interviews. The courses are available for free, however, certificates carry a fee - UNV does not cover any related costs. 

Review these articles on HBR for advice and guidance from industry leaders and academics on resume writing, making presentations, and acing your interview. The website provides limited access to free articles - register online for access to more.

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