human rights

Who are human beings. Have two eyes, two hands, two legs and walk and stand! Similarly, the rights are for them, and yet nothing else! Assignments are also included in the Constitution of each country. The United Nations is a guideline for all of these constitutions. What is human rights? If the loss of a man's right and constitutional authorities is damaged, the loss is not the same. A man should be able to safeguard his right. First of all she/he should act without disturbing the right of the other person. This is very important.  However, these rights are for human beings. Not. Along with those who live, apply to the dead. Similarly, people prefer the favorite and preferred animals. But realize that some responsibilities should be fulfilled here. Example: You should love a tiger. Good. But, therefore, the risk of the other person should be identified. Here you will become a good citizen when you recognize both the rights and the responsibilities. Thus, human rights are not only for human beings. You will find out how valuable human rights are when it recognizes that there are many responsibilities involved. In so doing, you will continue to fight for them forever. If values are to be learned, it is worth learning to live. Because human rights are our rights. The rights of others? Because terrorism also speaks of rights. But it is still unknown to man - the right to use it. They are terrible beasts in the form of human beings. So, note that the UN Volunteer is a responsible rights watchman. 

                              with regards

                         Polumati Rambabu

                         UN VOLUNTEER

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