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Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem

Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem

by Marzia Baldassari -
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Whether you are looking for your first assignment or seeking new challenges, a well-recognized certification program can help you develop essential skills, advance your career, and make a greater impact.

DisasterReady has partnered with Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) to provide a unique exam preparation program that will help you earn the Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem (UHE) certification, the first of several PHAP certifications coming in DisasterReady this year.  

Maximize your time by creating a personalized learning plan which will help you:

  • Target the specific areas you need to study
  • Provide easy access to learning resources
  • Track your learning progress

Go to the PHAP Certification page in DisasterReady for all the information and support needed to complete your preparation and earn your certification.