The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme aims to enhance the personal and professional development of UN Volunteers through a meaningful, accessible, and personalized learning journey, while contributing to partner satisfaction by:

  • Enhancing UN Volunteers’ core and cross-functional competencies for performance during assignment and beyond.
  • Offering tailored guidance, tools and resources to drive their own career management.
  • Promoting peer-to-peer learning to facilitate the exchange of experiences, expertise and good practices.
  • Empowering volunteers to become agents of change in alignment with the UN values.

The UNV Learning Portfolio: 5 Learning Experiences for UN Volunteers

As a serving UN Volunteer, you can access a seamless learning journey across five diverse areas, equipping you with essential skills for your current role and future opportunities. This approach offers personalized and continuous learning, tailored to meet your evolving needs throughout your assignment, and supports your personal and professional growth.

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Learning is a shared responsibility!

As a UN Volunteer, you are ultimately responsible to take action and drive your own development. Take advantage of your volunteering assignment and the UNV learning portfolio to grow the skills and competencies you need for your assignment and future career.

Your Host Entity is responsible to provide you with assignment-related learning opportunities, including onboarding, mandatory and technical training, and their online learning platform.

The UNV programme is responsible for providing a robust learning portfolio to develop your core and cross-functional skills, supporting performance during your assignment and preparing you for your next steps.