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25 June, 3pm CET: Women's Leadership in Pandemic/Humanitarian Crisis Preparedness &Response - UNITAR/UNV Open Online Summit

25 June, 3pm CET: Women's Leadership in Pandemic/Humanitarian Crisis Preparedness &Response - UNITAR/UNV Open Online Summit

par Sarah Stern,
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Dear UN Volunteer,

In the current context, the impacts of COVID-19 are exacerbated for women and girls simply by virtue of their sex. How can we change the narrative? Join us, to take a closer look at women’s leadership in crisis preparedness and response.

In partnership with UNITAR and our expert panel, and as part of UNV learning programmes for UN Volunteers, the UNV Capacity Development Team invites you to participate in an interactive webinar on Thursday, 25 June 2020, 15:00 -16:00 PM (CET).



Register here for the ZOOM event:


Organized in the format of a panel discussion with an interactive element, this expert briefing will not only disseminate the informed insights of the panelists, but will also engage with the audience through a virtual Q&A session.

Globally, women hold only 7% of government leadership roles, but several women leaders are being lauded for their skillful navigation of the coronavirus pandemic. Countries such as Germany, Taiwan and New Zealand have shown how women are being held up as examples for how to guide their countries effectively through a public health crisis. They've been praised for their clear explanations, swift actions, trust in science and ability to make difficult decisions with empathy and compassion. As a consequence, frequently, they have succeeded in minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on their countries. From policy, programmes, to community and grassroots decision making, women as decision makers and leaders within the pandemic and humanitarian crisis preparedness and response are proving themselves to be the future. 

> Why, therefore, is investing in women as leaders so important in the context of pandemic situations?

>  What have we learnt from Ebola and COVID-19?

>  What are the drivers and barriers to women's active participation in  preparedness and response to pandemic and humanitarian crisis situations?

>  What are the effects of women’s leadership for advancing the rights and equality of other women in the context of pandemic?

>  What is the way forward?

 Meet our Panel:
- Dr Zoe Marks, PHD, Harvard Kennedy School public policy lecturer 

- Ms. Nanlop Ogbureke,  Senior Adviser at ECOWAS
- Ms. Amie Batson, Executive DIrector of WomenLift Health

- UN Volunteer Gender Expert


Meet the Moderators: Ms. Catherine White, Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming, Division for Peace, UNITAR and Ms. Olga Ambot Inyongo, Gender Capacity Development Specialist at United Nations Volunteers


Check-out the attached flyer for more information:


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