Coaching for UN Volunteers
Bring out the best in you!

Self-development Coaching for UN Volunteers

Coaching has never been more necessary than now and into the future. Eligible serving UN Volunteers have free access to individual coaching sessions with certified coaches to enhance your individual resilience and skills in areas of personal and professional development.

Learning Opportunities

We provide one-on-one coaching with certified coaches in conducive, confidential and secure environment to discuss questions of concern to you. Personal coaching is proven to have positive outcomes in areas of people management, relationships with managers and peers, goal setting and prioritization, engagement and productivity, dialogue and communication, and career transition.

Accessing Coaching Services

Eligible serving UN Volunteers with valid contracts may apply for access.
Ensure that you have completed the mandatory UN and core UNV courses and uploaded certificates / information to your profile on VMAM.
To apply, fill out an online registration form including your official UN email address and UNV roster number.
You will be enrolled and receive an email invite directly from coach.
Based on demand, it may be a few days before you receive your invitation. Please be patient
Accept the invitation from coach and setup online sessions at a mutually convenient time.

Plan and record your development

  • Determine your developmental objectives – having clear expectations will enable the coach to provide you with the counsel you need.
  • Identify the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish the set objectives.
  • Create a personal development plan.
  • Make use of UNV Learning programmes for UN Volunteers to acquire relevant skills.
  • Apply newly acquired skills and get feedback.
  • Reflect on your learninga and document your progress.

Help desk Support

  • Contact your coach directly for your development related queries.
  • For information and feedback on UNV Coaching services, contact us via the e-Campus contact form (Subject: “UN Volunteer Learning – Coaching”) including your official UN email address and roster number.
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