Sign Language

What is sign language?

Sign language is a method of communication for the deaf and hard of hearing. It has unique rules of grammar and structure, and learning sign means learning the language as well as its grammar and vocabulary in the same way as you would learn a spoken language. While spoken language uses the ear and the speech organs, sign is a visual language. It uses the human body and gestures using the hand as its means of articulation. Moreover, the use of signs themselves, facial expressions, movements, and the position of the body and head express words, grammar and functions.

What is sign language important?

Sign languages not only provides the Deaf community with full access to communication, they are also used by others, such as people who can hear but can’t speak. Learning sign language also introduces you to the Deaf culture and Deaf community with its own rich history - increasing your awareness of disability and inclusiveness. And speaking and writing in different languages facilitates cross cultural communication and workplace inclusion and diversity - contributing to the goals of the UN. 

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Join Advocacy Specialist, Rupmani Chettri, as she guides you through a series of online classes on international sign for a comprehensive introduction.

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