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Coaching and mentoring webinar: book your place now!

Coaching and mentoring webinar: book your place now!

by Marzia Baldassari -
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dear Volunteers,

I wanted to inform you of an exciting learning opportunity that we have coming up that may be of particular interest to you, in addition and as an extension to the e-learning that is included in this eCampus: a webinar on Coaching and Mentoring in Humanitarian Response that our partner, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, will be hosting on Wednesday 29 November 2017 at 12pm UTC.

 The webinar will aim to raise awareness, generate discussion and share experiences about coaching and mentoring in a humanitarian context. Together, we intend to explore: 

  • The key differences and similarities between coaching and mentoring, including when to use one or the other in light of what an individual may need, as well as the most effective methods and techniques that can be used.

  • How we can overcome situational challenges that individuals may face when putting coaching and mentoring into practice within a fast-paced humanitarian context, including dealing with time constraints; issues of culture and language; and distance coaching. 
  • How coaching and mentoring has been effectively put into practice within a humanitarian context to deliver project work – hearing from those with direct experience through the sharing of stories, practical insights and advice in order to motivate learners to do the same.

 This webinar will be very useful for a broad range of humanitarians – volunteers, beginners and experienced professionals alike – who are seeking a stronger understanding of the key techniques in coaching and mentoring and how it can be integrated into humanitarian action.

 Registration is now open, it’s completely free to take part. Below you will find the related flyer.

Happy Learning!